Thursday, November 15, 2012

The mind of 7 year old is often nonstandard

In which Kid1 takes a great idea, flies with it, and then shows his true colors. 

The following is an email sent to Kid1's 2nd grade teacher on Monday:

Dear Mrs. D, (as dictated by Kid1)

My idea is our class can raise $20 to buy a flock of chicks for a hungry family in Africa. There's an organization called Heifer, who give animals to people who are hungry and need them.  They bring the animals to families that need help.

I am hoping my class can raise $20 for a flock of chicks.  If my class can do that, my mom will give us an extra $20 to help  a second family.  The latest time we could do it is Christmas, so it can be a Christmas present to them.

I want to do this to make another family's life easier to live.  I have chickens and I think they produce enough eggs to last you for a long time.  And you can also use the eggs to get money so you can buy other things.  And the droppings are good for fertilizing your garden and especially your vegetables, so it's easier for vegetables to grow, and that gives you some nutrition, too.

Is this idea ok?

They have programs called Read to Feed where children earn money for each extra book they read, and Change for Chores, where they earn money for doing extra chores, and different children could do different things.  I could tell the children about this and ask them to tell their parents about it, and could you put this in the Friday newsletter if it is ok?  I would ask the children to tell their parents because some parents might not read the newsletter.  Even though you've asked them to read the newsletter a thousand times (Rebecca interjects that she reads the newsletter).


This is her response:

Hi Rebecca and Kid1,
This sounds like a wonderful idea!  I would LOVE for Kid1to share this idea with the class...It fits in PERFECTLY with our persuasive writing/reading unit that we have started.  I like that it is a dollar donation per child (and teacher).  I personally love the idea!  It also fits well with our unit study of Around the World for Social Studies, plus is a lovely way to give back to others!

SO, for his persuasive writing this week, he'll write it up.  I'm happy to write it in the newsletter too! Tell Kid1 to chat with me tomorrow (probably right before Snack Recess because I have a meeting in the am).  Then we can share the idea with the class.  I think we could make the goal to collect the money by Dec. 14, that way there's time to figure it out before Winter Break.

Great idea!!!

So Tuesday he wrote it up and apparently also told the class about it, because this morning he reported that "We already have $7 and that's just from TWO KIDS!"

The idea was originally mine - we got a Heifer catalog and I was flipping through it and asked the kid if he thought his class would like to get a hungry family a goat.  But he was adamant that a flock of chicks was the way to go.  He loves his chickens. (By the way, in case inquiring minds want to know - that newt eating chicken is still kicking.  We're still not eating the blue eggs, just in case).  But the kid has flown with it after the initial suggestion.  His approach can be a bit unusual...

R: "Kid1, this is great that your class decided to do it, you might be saving some child's life."
K: "Saving their LIFE??"
R: [sadly] "Yes, children die of hunger every day, sweety."
K: [enthusiastically] "I hope that the child that gets our chickens is right about to die, and then our chickens come, and they don't die. (pause)  Well, it'll take some time for the chicks to grow up and lay eggs, so I hope they're ok until they chickens are right about to lay their first again, and then the child is right about to die and they don't because the chickens start to lay eggs."
R: [stunned silence]

This is why no right thinking adult ever, ever, ever wants to relive their school years.  Kids, even the seemingly nice ones, are secretly demonic.  It's a proven fact.  It's scientific. Small Demon People.

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