Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wiping brains off the laptop screen

My head just exploded.

In the five minutes it took to write that last post, this appeared in my inbox:

Dear Professer ,
Hello, my name is [name], i am a student of "introduction to oceans' of session D.
I added this course last friday, so I missed the fisrt three lectures. 
And i am now wondering if i can join a group of others because i don't have a group.

Also, I have read the PDFs of lecture1&2, but i can not find the lecture3 in Bspace, 
I think i need to read it before the next lecture, but i don't know how to get it.

Thanks so much,
 Clearly, I need to have a word with the admissions office.

Maybe more than one word.

Did I mention my class was already standing room only?  There are 107 seats, every single one full, and students sitting in the aisles.


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