Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Small Posts

I have come to the sad, sad, sad conclusion that holding down 1) full time consulting gig and 1)half time teaching gig is not compatible with blogging.  At least, not when I feel compelled to write long, witty, amusingly illustrated posts.  So in the interest of continuing at all, I am going to introduce the MicroPost.

Posts about whatever crosses my mind.  In miniature.

For your inaugural micropost:

The first photograph I took in Alaska.  I was so excited about this discovery, I took a phone pic and instantly text messaged it to two of my good friends back in the lower 48.

The text didn't actually go through, as I was on a mountain somewhere in the middle of Alaska, but nevertheless:  Amazingly exciting, drumroll please........

Moose Poop!

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